Painter, Videographer, Artist

The Poisoned Eden: Anxiety and Security

As a young artist recently graduated from college, I find myself set upon by a myriad of anxieties about life and the security of my future.  This is a creeping slinking feeling of danger around every corner, even while my current living situation remains stable and safe.  During this time of transition, I also spent a month exploring the American South from Florida to South Carolina.  Amongst the swamps and saltwater marshes, I saw a metaphor for my anxieties.  The heat and the humidity make the South a verdant Eden, but the foliage hides dark predators inside. Busy hunting other things, the Egret and the Ibis hardly notice the coiling serpent and snapping turtle waiting to bring the end. A pair of Limpkins fail to notice the dangerous alligator upon whom they've built the hopes for their future. We are all of us building plans on a chance.